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BST, capital gains tangled in budget bill

June 21, 1993 7:00 AM UTC

WASHINGTON -- A proposed moratorium on the use of bovine somatotropin has been tacked onto a package of spending cuts that probably will be considered by the Senate Budget committee today or tomorrow for inclusion in the overall budget reconciliation bill, according to Tom Cosgrove, a staff member of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

The BST moratorium, proposed by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., was approved last week by the Senate Agriculture Committee as part of a package of $3.2 billion in spending cuts aimed at reducing the federal budget deficit. The BST measure prohibits commercial sale, marketing or use of BST through Sept. 30, 1994, and allows the moratorium to be extended at the Agriculture Department's discretion until the White House certifies that other major dairy countries have approved BST use. ...