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Arcion's improved (noci)reception

Arcion topical gel for neuropathic pain in diabetics with nociceptor function

August 2, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Arcion Therapeutics Inc. is hoping to improve on both the efficacy and safety of systemic therapies for diabetic neuropathy by combining a topical approach with a screening test to identify patients with increased nociceptor expression. The company reported Phase IIb data last month suggesting its ARC-4558 gel was effective in providing pain relief for a prospectively defined subset of patients with increased nociceptor function.

"There are a number of drugs now approved for diabetic neuropathy, but there remains a large unmet need given that patients often have problems with the side effects on top of the fact that efficacy is highly uneven," said President and CEO James Campbell. "A lot of patients who are responders still have a fair amount of pain."...