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A first for Second

How Second Genome's SGM-1019 is targeting host-microbiome interactions in Crohn's

February 2, 2015 8:00 AM UTC

The first clinical program to emerge from Second Genome Inc. illustrates the biotech's species-agnostic approach to targeting the microbiome. While several other companies are focusing on achieving a specific balance of microbial species, Second Genome is probing interactions between host cells and the microbiome to identify new mechanisms in inflammation and metabolic disease that can be targeted with small molecules or biologics.

In January, Second Genome unveiled SGM-1019, which has completed a single ascending dose Phase I study in healthy subjects and will be developed in Crohn's disease. The compound inhibits an undisclosed target on human cells to protect them from substances secreted by the microbiome that can trigger an inflammatory cascade in Crohn's disease...