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Biosite chronicles

July 10, 2006 7:00 AM UTC

Biosite chroniclesWeekly stock price for Biosite (BSTE) tracked against selected events since its IPO in February 1997. A. 2/12/97 - Raises $28.8M in an IPOB. 2/2/98 - FDA approves Triage Cardiac Panel to detect heart attacksC. 3/25/98 - FDA approves C. Difficile PanelD. 11/9/99 - Launches Triage Cardiac System in Europe E. 12/9/99 - Submits PMA for Triage BNP test, to aid in diagnosing congestive heart failure (CHF)F. 3/24/00 - FDA's Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Toxicology Device Panel votes 6-3 against recommending approval of Triage BNP G. 10/03/00 - Submits PMA amendment for Triage BNP H. 11/22/00 - FDA clears Triage BNP for marketing in the U.S.

I. 1/4/01 - BSTE and Medarex(MEDX) will use Trans-Phage Technology co-developed by both companies to generate human antibodies to genomics-derived targets provided by Eli Lilly(LLY). The technology combines MEDX's HuMAb-Mouse technology with BSTE's Omniclonal phage display technology...