Proteins on a chip

OXFORD - Proteomics - which seeks to profile the identity, amount and post-translational modifications of every protein synthesized in a cell - has been pursued primarily by 2-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis technology or non-gel-based approaches such as mass spectrometry or two-hybrid protein interaction screening.


Technology Focus, BioCentury July 13, 1998). Nor can protein-protein interactions be measured in 2D gels, although some proteomics companies such as Proteomix Inc. (San Diego, Calif.) and the PerSeptive Biosystems unit of Perkin Elmer Corp. (PKN, Norwalk, Conn.) are pursuing programs to profile protein variation and interaction.

Biovation Ltd. hopes to overcome the limitations of 2D gel technology through its Biodisplay protein chip microarray system, which allows for the analysis of 50,000 proteins at a time. The company believes Biodisplay will cut the time required to identify proteins while enabling the measurement of protein-protein interactions and the

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