ARTICLE | Finance

Ebb & Flow

August 9, 2004 7:00 AM UTC

Six substantial venture rounds - three each in the U.S. and Europe - brought in $166.1 million last week, but the differences between the rounds illustrates the continued lag in European funding. Thus, three U.S. companies raised a total of $109 million in rounds of $29 million, $32 million and $48 million, while the three European rounds were $18-$20 million each. Not surprisingly, the U.S. companies expect to get further on the money.

The average amount raised per European investment so far this year is $13.2 million, equaling the 2001 average and up $1-$2 million on the intervening years. European venture rounds total $688.3 million year to date. So far this year the average U.S. venture round is $22.3 million, and a total of $2.5 billion has been raised (see "Europe Rising"). ...