Orquest: Picking no bones with orthobiologics

Orquest Inc. has married tissue biology, material sciences and a new generation of growth factors to develop two mineralized collagen products - an injectable matrix for closed fractures and an implantable matrix for spinal fusions and open fractures. The company believes its products will allow orthopedic surgeons to restructure existing therapies for specific orthopedic indications in a far less invasive manner and at far less cost than methods currently in use.

In contrast to other companies that have viewed materials as a passive carrier for growth factors, Orquest's thesis is that the carrier plays an active role. "We develop matrices that can promote the body's natural activity even in the absence of growth factors, due to the biochemistry and architecture of the material," said Michael Estes, president and CEO.

The company's first product, Healos, is an implantable bone graft subsitute that was advanced from technology acquired

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