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Digital droplet diagnostics

Velox has digital droplet platform for rapid and sensitive diagnostic tests

January 26, 2015 8:00 AM UTC

Velox Biosystems LLC is developing a diagnostic platform that combines a digital droplet technology with a high throughput particle counting device to speed up diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer with a portable, low-cost test. The platform can be applied to known protein and DNA markers for a variety of indications, and works on any liquid sample including blood, saliva and urine.

Analysis with Velox's Integrated Comprehensive Droplet Digital Detection (IC 3D) platform begins with mixing biological samples with a solution of fluorescent DNA sensors designed to bind specific targets. The system then separates the micro- or milliliter samples into billions of encapsulated droplets about 10 picoliters in volume and 25 μM in diameter, which is about twice the diameter of a human red blood cell and about 25 times the size of a bacterial cell. ...