Genomics: Adapting to Chapter Two

Even though many investors have just discovered genomics, companies working in the field know that the first chapter in its history is coming to a close, and they must adapt in order to survive. Two opposing answers to how to do that are provided by Genset S.A. and Incyte Pharmaceuticals Inc. Both began as service companies engaged in supplying DNA sequence and analysis data to aid in drug discovery. But Genset plans to move downstream into product development, while INCY will remain purely a data and services provider.

Yet another model is provided by Qiagen N.V., which has essentially quietly grazed for technology during the Chapter I period in order to build a genomics service platform that it believes will have competitive advantage in the next era.

As has long been expected, the genomics data wave is so big that the bottleneck to getting drug candidates into development has moved downstream from target identification to analysis. "To stay on top, you have to be the best miner of the data," said

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