ARTICLE | Finance

Manic Monday

January 17, 2000 8:00 AM UTC

The BioCentury 100 index rocketed 392.6 points (19 percent) to 2417.81 on Monday, the first day of the Chase H&Q Healthcare Conference, with genomics frenzy pacing the sector. Big winners included Genome Therapeutics (GENE), up $6.063 (37 percent) to $22.50; Celera (CRA), up $55.063 (29 percent) to $242; Affymetrix (AFFX), up $39.625 (26 percent) to $192.875; Genset (NM:Genset; GENXY) up $4.375 (20 percent) on NASDAQ to $26.625; Millennium (MLNM) up $18.625 (12 percent) to $170.50; and Human Genome (HGSI) up $17.25 (11 percent) to $177.563.

CRA's rise came after announcing that it has compiled 90 percent of the human genome DNA sequence, and that its database now may represent more than 97 percent of all human genes. Not to be outdone, Incyte (INCY) on Monday said that its LifeSeq Gold database represents 95 percent of all human genes and also announced a LifeSeq Gold deal with Bayer. INCY was up $5.875 to $110.25 that day and closed Friday at $131.813, up $27.438 (26 percent), while CRA closed the week at $232, up $45.062 (24 percent)...