Blech spotted with Elvis in Haiti!

Blech spotted with Elvis in Haiti!

Being the National Enquirer of the biotech business could be fun, what with all the possibilities for sightings of two-headed babies (Horrible Failure to Cloning Experiment!), genetically engineered chickens the size of houses and the return of The Fly.

After a couple of weeks of reading headlines elsewhere ("Scandal Kills Biotech Company"), plowing through stories describing "financial wizards" and the pathos of companies on the ropes, and, especially, hearing the now-predictable lurid personal scuttlebutt that is titillating if not slanderous, we're sure that David Blech unwittingly has reached the biotech equivalent of notoriety that the society at large only accords the likes of Elvis, Jackie O, and Oprah.

This all reminds us, especially with the baseball strike in force, that the true American pastime is tearing people down from their pedestals. It's especially fun if the person is feared, mistrusted or

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