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Therapeutics: Estrogen receptor; MACRO domain containing 2 (MACROD2)

January 8, 2015 8:00 AM UTC

Studies in patient samples, cell culture and mice suggest inhibiting MACROD2 could help prevent tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer. In primary luminal breast tumors, overexpression or amplification of the MACROD2 gene was associated with poor overall survival. An estrogen receptor-positive human breast cancer cell line that overexpressed MACROD2 exhibited increased tamoxifen resistance and increased estrogen receptor-independent growth compared with an estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cell line with normal MACROD2 levels. In mice bearing MACROD2-overexpressing xenograft breast tumors, shRNA against MACROD2 decreased tumor growth compared with a control shRNA. Next steps include studies to understand the function and druggability of MACROD2...