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HemoShear LLC's October announcement that a new application of its in vitro tissue modeling platform to tumors reproduces the human response to cisplatin means the company could soon tap into business from drug developers working in oncology-an area the biotech had not yet broached.

Since its launch in 2008, HemoShear has been engaging with client companies as well as partners from academia and the public sector to develop in vitro models of human tissue and organ systems to support drug discovery and understand disease biology. Its in vitro models include 3D culture systems and incorporate elements of in vivo physiology such as hemodynamic forces, multilayer biological transport processes and cell-to-cell communication.

The idea is that cells cultured in environments with these elements will behave as they would in vivo and provide readouts more reliable and relevant to human biology than those from traditional in vitro and animal model systems. Standard in vitro models usually involve cell or

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