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September 21, 2015 7:00 AM UTC

The High Court of Justice in London ruled that a patent owned by Pfizer covering pain drug Lyrica pregabalin is not infringed by Lecaent, Allergan’s generic version of Lyrica. The court also invalidated some Lyrica patent claims relating to pain generally and neuropathic pain. In February, Allergan, then known as Actavis plc, launched Lecaent to treat epilepsy and general anxiety disorders. Patent protection for Lyrica in these indications expired last year.

Pfizer’s suit alleged that Lecaent also would be dispensed to treat pain and thus infringe on Pfizer’s patent in that indication. The patent was set to expire in 2017. Pfizer argued that Allergan predicted Lecaent’s use to treat pain because the generic drug’s label included pain-related adverse event warnings and wording that noted the product is authorized to treat indications other than epilepsy and general anxiety disorders. ...