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Simcere, Merck deal

February 16, 2015 8:00 AM UTC

The partners amended a 2011 JV under which the companies were commercializing a combined portfolio of off-patent cardiovascular and metabolic drugs. In a joint statement, the companies said “in order to pursue further development and better meet challenges posed by the rapidly changing external environment, SMSD (Shanghai) Ltd. will undergo a strategy transformation.” Under Simcere management, SMSD will now “focus on local innovative and mature products, serving the local market.” Moving forward, the companies will continue to support SMSD development. Merck held a 51% stake in the JV, and Simcere held a 49% stake. The companies haven’t disclosed if those stakes have changed (see BioCentury, July 25, 2011).

Under the original terms, the products commercialized under the JV included Zocor simvastatin, Cozaar losartan and Renitec enalapril from Merck and Shufutan rosuvastatin and Xinta levamlodipine from Simcere. Additionally, the JV worked with Merck to “maximize access” to Januvia sitagliptin in China. ...