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EMA finalizes guidance on MAA transparency

March 28, 2012 12:59 AM UTC

The EMA and the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) adopted a joint guidance for a Europe-wide approach to identify which information included in an MAA can be publicly released after approval, should a request for access to information be submitted. The guidance is part of EMA's policy to increase transparency and access to documents, which came into effect in 2010 (see BioCentury, Dec. 6, 2010).

According to the guidance, sections of an MAA dossier that would not be released include detailed information on manufacturing processes and synthesis of the active ingredient, as well as contractual agreements. In general, reports on non-clinical and clinical trials, including efficacy and safety trials, would be made available, although exceptions may be considered when innovative study designs or analytical methods have been used. Identifiable patient information would be redacted. Scientific advice received by a sponsor on an agreed indication would be available, while advice related to new developments and formulations would remain confidential. ...