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BTG, Nycomed sales and marketing update

September 6, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

BTG said it will accelerate the reacquisition of U.S. marketing rights from Nycomed to CroFab, a polyclonal antibody against rattlesnake venom, and DigiFab, a polyclonal antibody against digoxin (digitalis) glycosides. BTG will regain rights to the products on Oct. 1, when the 1997 deal expires, and Nycomed will no longer have rights to sell remaining product inventories for up to six months after the deal expires. In exchange, Nycomed will receive up to $16.6 million depending on the amount of product delivered to and sold by the pharma before Sept. 30. BTG expects to pay Nycomed about $14.5 million. ...