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Memantine: Phase IV data

August 30, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Data from an exploratory, double-blind, European Phase IV trial in 195 patients with mild to moderate PDD or DLB showed that there was no significant difference between memantine and placebo in improving Alzheimer's disease cooperative study-clinical global impression of change rating (ADCS-CGIC) scores from baseline to week 24 (3.5 vs. 3.8, p=0.12). In 75 patients with DLB, memantine did significantly improve ADCS-CGIC scores vs. placebo (3.3 vs. 3.9, p=0.023), but showed no significant difference in 120 PDD patients at week 24 (3.6 vs. 3.8, p=0.576).

Memantine also significantly improved neuropsychiatric-inventory scores in DLB patients vs. placebo (-4.3 vs. 1.7, p=0.041), but showed no significant difference in PDD patients or in the total population (-1.6 vs. -0.1, p=0.522; -2.6 vs. 0.4, p=0.092). Furthermore, there were no significant differences between treatment groups in any of the study populations on ADCS-activities of daily living or Zarit caregiver burden scores. Data were published in The Lancet Neurology. ...