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Biogen Idec, Roche deal

October 25, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Biogen Idec and Roche's Genentech Inc. unit amended a 2003 deal covering antibodies against CD20, specifically ocrelizumab and GA101. Genentech will now assume full responsibility for further development and commercialization of ocrelizumab, which is in Phase II testing in multiple sclerosis. Biogen Idec, which previously had co-development rights to the mAb, is now eligible for tiered royalties of 13.5-24% on U.S. sales of ocrelizumab. The companies said the changes would allow Biogen Idec to avoid a further concentration of its R&D spending in Phase III trials for MS.

Biogen Idec will increase its share of development and commercialization expenses to 35% from 30% for GA101, which is in Phase III testing for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) and chronic lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL). Biogen Idec also will be eligible for 35-39% of GA101 profits. Upon achievement of certain GA101 sales milestones, Biogen Idec's share of co-promotion profits for the partners' Rituxan rituximab will decrease to 35% from 40%. Biogen Idec also will pay $10 million to Genentech as compensation for previously incurred expenses for GA101. ...