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Novartis sales and marketing update

October 11, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Novartis said the wholesale acquisition cost of Gilenya fingolimod will be about $3,700 per 28-day supply, with an annual cost of about $48,000. The pharma launched the multiple sclerosis (MS) drug on Oct. 4. It is available in 0.5 mg capsules.

Novartis also said it will provide educational support and reimbursement services to Gilenya patients. The pharma will provide eligible patients with health insurance up to $800 monthly in co-payments for Gilenya prescription expenses and up to $600 per eligible patient for costs related to required testing and monitoring prior to starting Gilenya. Patients should have blood, vision and liver tests before starting the drug. Additionally, the pharma's Patient Assistance Program (PAP) will provide access to Gilenya at no cost for eligible patients in the U.S. with no third-party coverage. ...