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Cinquil reslizumab: Additional Phase II data

November 22, 2010 8:00 AM UTC

Additional data from a double-blind, North American Phase II trial in 106 patients showed that 3 mg/kg IV Cinquil once every 28 days for 4 cycles non-significantly reduced ACQ score, the primary endpoint, by 0.7 points from baseline to week 15 vs. 0.3 points for placebo (p=0.0541). On secondary endpoints, Cinquil significantly reduced median sputum eosinophil counts by 95.4% vs. 38.7% for placebo (p=0.0068); significantly improved FEV1 by 0.18 L vs. a 0.08 L reduction for placebo (p=0.0023); and significantly improved FVC by 0.18 L vs. a 0.13 L reduction for placebo (p=0.0054). Additionally, 8% of patients treated with Cinquil experienced clinical asthma exacerbations vs. 19% for placebo (p=0.833). ...