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Aptima HPV assay diagnostic data

December 6, 2010 8:00 AM UTC

Additional data from the French FASE study in 4,429 women ages 20-65 showed that Gen-Probe's Aptima HPV assay and the Hybrid Capture 2 assay each had significantly higher sensitivities for detecting CIN2+ (92% and 96.7%, respectively, vs. 69.1%; p<0.006) and CIN3+ (95.7% and 95.3%, respectively, vs. 73.3%; p<0.006) compared to liquid-based cytology. Additionally, Aptima HPV had significantly higher specificity for CIN2+ (91.8% vs. 86.4%, p<0.001) and CIN3+ (90.3% vs. 84.9%, p<0.001) vs. the Hybrid Capture 2 assay. Aptima HPV and cytology had similar specificities. Data were published in the International Journal of Cancer. ...