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Genzyme metabolic news

August 30, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Genzyme said that it is increasing shipments of Cerezyme imiglucerase, which has faced a supply shortage since last year due to viral contamination and other problems at the company's Allston, Mass., facility. In a letter to the Gaucher's disease community, Genzyme said U.S. patients who are receiving biweekly Cerezyme at a reduced dose will be able to receive two full doses of the Gaucher's treatment in September. Patients receiving doses on other than biweekly schedules were advised to consult their case managers, and the company said it would update patients no later than Sept. 27 on the supply thereafter. Genzyme also said that it was accepting requests from physicians to give Cerezyme to new patients. In July, Genzyme said shipments would increase in August to enable increased doses in September, with patients to receive full doses in the fourth quarter. ...