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Conatus, Pfizer deal

August 2, 2010 7:00 AM UTC

Conatus acquired the Idun Pharmaceuticals subsidiary of Pfizer for an undisclosed sum. Pfizer acquired Idun for $250 million in 2005, after which Idun's executives founded Conatus. Conatus gains Idun's emricasan ( IDN-6556/ PF-3491390), a small molecule broad spectrum caspase inhibitor for which Conatus is planning a Phase IIb trial to treat liver fibrosis; and IDN-13389, a diablo homolog ( DIABLO; SMAC) mimetic in preclinical testing to treat cancer. Pfizer discontinued development of emricasan in 2008. Conatus said the deal complements its focus on liver disease and will allow the company to expand into cancer. ...