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Gene Logic, Millennium deal

July 26, 2004 7:00 AM UTC

GLGC acquired a drug development technology program and an associated research team from MLNM to build a drug development services business. GLGC acquired technologies for in vivo compound imaging, in vitro pathway screening, predictive and genetic ADME capabilities and metabolomics technologies. GLGC plans to offer services to prioritize and identify indications for compounds starting in preclinical development, identify new uses for compounds that have stalled in clinical development, and expand indications for marketed drugs. GLGC's new development group will be based in Cambridge, Mass.

GLGC's first project will be to identify new indications for MLNM's MLN4760 carboxypeptidase inhibitor in exchange for fees and potential milestones and royalties. MLN4760 was formerly in clinical development for obesity. GLGC also acquired MLNM's melanocortin-4 (MC-4) antagonist development program. GLGC plans to out-license MC-4 antagonists following further development. ...