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MK-5172: Additional Phase II data

March 10, 2014 7:00 AM UTC

Additional data from 59 treatment-naïve, non-cirrhotic patients co-infected with HCV genotype 1 and HIV in the open-label, French Phase II C-WORTHY trial showed that once-daily oral combinations of 100 mg MK-5172 plus 50 mg MK-8742 with or without ribavirin for 12 weeks led to an SVR 12 weeks after the end of treatment in 90-100% of patients. Specifically in co-infected patients, MK-5172 plus MK-8742 and ribavirin led to an SVR12 rate of 100% (n=29) and MK-5172 plus MK-8742 without ribavirin led to an SVR12 rate of 90% (n=29). There were 3 treatment failures in the co-infection arms.

The most common adverse events were fatigue and headache. No co-infected patients discontinued due to an adverse event or study medication intolerance. Data were presented at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections meeting in Boston. Additional data from the trial will be presented at the European Association of the Study of the Liver meeting in London in April. ...