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Agios, Celgene deal

February 10, 2014 8:00 AM UTC

Agios exercised its option under a 2010 cancer metabolism deal with Celgene to retain U.S. development and commercialization rights to the isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) program, including AG-120. AG-120, an inhibitor of mutated IDH1, is in preclinical testing to treat cancer. Agios expects to start clinical trials early this year. Celgene retains the option to license ex-U.S. development and commercialization rights to AG-120 at the end of Phase I testing. Agios and Celgene are also collaborating on the development of AG-221, an inhibitor of mutated IDH2, which is in Phase I testing to treat advanced hematologic malignancies. Agios said that it did not have the option to retain full U.S. rights to AG-221 under the deal, but had the option for AG-120, as well as for a third program.

In December, the partners extended the 2010 deal by a year to April 2015. Celgene has five years of exclusivity during which it can license drug candidates from Agios at the end of Phase I testing. Celgene can further extend the exclusivity period for one additional year for an additional payment (see BioCentury, April 19, 2010; Oct. 10, 2011 & Dec. 16, 2013). ...