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Bayer, Natco cancer, generics news

December 22, 2014 8:00 AM UTC

India’s Supreme Court dismissed a special leave petition by Bayer to appeal a 2012 ruling by the Indian Patent Office granting Natco a compulsory license in India to manufacture and market a generic version of kidney and liver cancer drug Nexavar sorafenib. The license allows Natco to sell sorafenib in India at a price not exceeding Rs8,800 ($141.68) for a month’s supply of 120 tablets. Under the terms of the non-exclusive license, Natco is required to supply the generic for free to at least 600 needy patients per year, must manufacture its generic in India and pay a royalty to Bayer (see BioCentury, March 19, 2012; Sept. 24, 2012 & March 11, 2013). ...