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February 20, 2001 8:00 AM UTC

CRA and colleagues published in Science, and the Consortium of 20 academic groups published in Nature, the sequence of the human genome. CRA reported the sequence of 94 percent of the gene-containing portions of the human genome from three men and two women of different ethnic backgrounds using whole genome shotgun sequencing. Sequence analysis using an integrated evidence approach (Otto software) revealed 26,588 protein-encoding transcripts with strong evidence and about 12,000 more transcripts with weaker evidence. The Consortium reported the sequence of 96 percent of the euchromatic (gene-containing) portion of the genome and 94 percent of the entire genome using hierarchical shotgun sequencing involving assembly of large-scale physical maps and sequencing of selected clones.

The Consortium reported that there are 24,500 true genes, about twice as many as in the worm or fly, but human genes are more complex with a larger number of protein products. Certain genes appear to have arisen from horizontal gene transfer from bacteria, notably those involved in metabolism of foreign compounds and stress response and the psychiatric drug target monoamine oxidase. ...