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Onyx preclinical data

November 20, 2000 8:00 AM UTC

In mouse tumor xenograft models of colon, pancreatic and ovarian cancer, oral doses of 30-100 mg/kg RKI once per day gave 50-80 percent inhibition of tumor growth. Also, 100 mg/kg/day of RKI inhibited colon cancer growth in mice by 57 percent (p=0.01), and inhibition was seen as long as dosing continued. RKI is an oral isoxazole urea compound that inhibits Raf kinase, a protein in the MAP kinase activation arm of the Ras pathway. Data were presented at the New Drugs in Cancer Therapy meeting in Amsterdam.

ONXX and partner Bayer Corp. (Pittsburgh, Penn.) are conducting a Phase I trial of RKI in Germany, and have submitted an IND to begin U.S. clinical testing (see BioCentury, July 24). ...