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Immune Response, University of California infectious diseases news

November 6, 2000 8:00 AM UTC

IMNR began arbitration procedures and is seeking $7-$10 million in damages from the university based on publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association of Phase III trial data related to IMNR's Remune anti-HIV immunotherapy. IMNR said its action follows the refusal by university researchers to include data in the publication on viral load benefit and helper T cell response seen with Remune compared to placebo in a prospective 250-patient subset of the 2,527-patient trial. In the JAMA article, however, the researchers wrote that no significant differences were seen between Remune and placebo in that patient subset with respect to viral load, CD4 cell count or CD4 percentage. The university, which said IMNR withheld final patient follow-up data from the trial, told BioCentury that IMNR's analysis of the subset data was considered invalid by the paper's authors. ...