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IDX184: Interim Phase IIb data

January 16, 2012 8:00 AM UTC

Idenix said a DSMB recommended continuation of a double-blind, parallel group Phase IIb trial after reviewing interim data from 31 evaluable patients showing that 50 and 100 mg IDX184 plus pegylated interferon and ribavirin were well tolerated with no serious adverse events reported. The low- and high-dose arms led to a rapid virologic response (RVR), defined as undetectable HCV RNA levels (< 25 IU/ml) at 28 days, in 63% and 73% of patients, respectively. At a median of 8 weeks of treatment, 94% and 87% of patients in the low- and high-dose arms, respectively, had undetectable HCV RNA. There have been no virologic breakthroughs. ...