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EarlyCDT-Lung update

April 2, 2012 7:00 AM UTC

By year end, Oncimmune will begin a prospective screening trial to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of EarlyCDT-Lung test in detecting early lung cancer in about 10,000 high-risk smokers (defined as having smoked the equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day for >20 years). Half of the patients will be screened with EarlyCDT-Lung and those that are positive will be followed up with low dose CT scans. The remaining half will have the standard of care. The trial is also being sponsored by NHS Scotland and the Center of Excellence for Autoimmunity in Cancer at the University of Nottingham. The trial is part of Scotland's Detect Cancer Early program, which aims to improve survival in cancer patients by diagnosing and treating cancer at an earlier stage. ...