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Narlaprevir: Phase IIa data

November 9, 2009 8:00 AM UTC

Interim data from the open-label, U.S. Phase IIa NEXT-1 trial in 111 treatment-naïve patients showed that narlaprevir plus PegIntron peginterferon alfa-2b, Rebetol ribavirin and Norvir ritonavir resulted in an RVR of 85%-87% when preceded by a 4-week lead-in of PegIntron and Rebetol vs. 53%-75% without the lead-in and 0% for PegIntron and Rebetol alone. The lead-in groups had an EVR of 85-87% vs. 65-85% for those not receiving the lead-in and 17% for PegIntron and Rebetol alone. ...