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Oncolym iodine labeled LYM-1 IgG2a mouse monoclonal data

October 10, 1994 7:00 AM UTC

TCLN (Tustin, Calif.) said that Phase I and II data from investigator-sponsored trials showed that the maximum tolerated dose was 100 milliCuries/m 2. Data on 58 patients were presented at the Conference on Radioimmunodetection and Radioimmunotherapy of Cancer in Princeton.

To avoid marrow suppression, the company concluded that the amount of radionucleotide be matched to the rate of disease progression and extent of bone malignancy. An upcoming Phase II/III trial will use a dose of 80 mCU/ m2, TCLN told BioCentury. Of the 15 patients who received that dose once every 30 days for four months, the complete remission rate was 46 percent and an additional 30 percent had a reduction in tumor of at least 50 percent, TCLN said. ...