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Athena deal

December 12, 1994 8:00 AM UTC

ATHN will acquire substantially all of the assets of Exemplar Corp., a privately held Waltham, Mass., developer of in vitro and in vivo screens, including animal models. The South San Fransisco company will pay $100,000 in cash and 420,000 shares of ATHN common stock.

In addition to transgenic models for Alzheimer's disease, Exemplar was developing transgenic models for use in AIDS, oncology and genetic toxicology. ATHN said that it will either "shelve" or seek partners for the non-Alzheimer's models. ATHN also received exclusive worldwide rights to any animal or cell line derived from transgenic cell lines developed by Exemplar that is useful in human neurological diseases or conditions, including Alzheimer's. The license agreement will remain in effect in the event the asset acquisition is not consummated. ...