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Centocor sales and marketing update

September 27, 1993 7:00 AM UTC

Mallinckrodt Medical Inc. received exclusive rights to market CNTO's Myoscint diagnostic radiopharmaceutical in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Stephen Hayter, executive vice president in CNTO's diagnostic division, said CNTO anticipates $2 million in European sales in 1994. Myoscint already is approved in most European countries and posted European sales of $150,000 in the second quarter ended June 30.

Hayter said CNTO hopes to have U.S. Myoscint sales by the fourth quarter of 1994 or the first quarter in 1995. CNTO, which withdrew Myoscint's PLA in May due to undisclosed deficiencies in the application, will file a revised PLA in December or January, according to Hayter. He also anticipates both Canadian and Japanese pricing approvals in the second quarter of 1994. CNTO's licensees in Canada and Japan are Mallinckrodt, a unit of IMCERA Group Inc., and Daichi Radiological Labs, a subsidiary of Daichi Pharmaceuticals KK. ...