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ID Biomedical deal

December 6, 1993 8:00 AM UTC

IDBEF will collaborate with New England Deaconess Hospital to develop an HIV test using IDBEF's cycling probe reaction (CPR) technology. The company was granted an exclusive, royalty-bearing worldwide license for technologies resulting from research that are used in HIV assays. Anthony Holler, medical director at IDBEF, said it will take about a year to develop an HIV test that works on clinical samples.

Separately, IDBEF sued Tm Technologies Inc., alleging breach of confidentiality and breach of contract by Tm. In July, IDBEF entered into a one-year contract with Tm to test the sensitivity of IDBEF's CPR amplification system. IDBEF said Tm's S1-S2 DNA amplification technology appears to be similar to the CPR system. ...