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March 19, 2012 7:00 AM UTC

The Indian Patent Office granted Natco a compulsory license in India to manufacture and market a generic version of kidney and liver cancer drug Nexavar sorafenib. According to the order, Natco can sell the product at a price not exceeding Rs8,880 ($177) for a month's supply of 120 tablets. Bayer markets Nexavar in India at a price of Rs280,428 ($5,608) for a month's supply. Natco will be required to pay a 6% royalty to Bayer and supply the generic for free to at least 600 needy patients per year. Natco also must manufacture its generic in India. Natco's non-exclusive license is valid until Bayer's Indian patent covering Nexavar expires in 2021. Natco submitted the application for a compulsory license last year (see BioCentury, Sept. 12, 2011).

Controller General Shri P. H. Kurian said in his decision that Bayer did not make Nexavar available to the public at a "reasonably affordable price." He also said that Bayer did not adequately "work the invention on a commercial scale" in India because the pharma imported Nexavar. ...