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12:00 AM, Aug 11, 2008  |  BioCentury | Politics, Policy & Law

New losers in U.K.’s zero sum game

once every 14 days. Bevacizumab is an intravenously infused recombinant human mAb against vascular endothelial growth factor
12:00 AM, May 02, 2005  |  BioCentury | Politics, Policy & Law

Amgen's clinical trial backlash

remaining from AMGN's acquisition of Synergen Inc. in 1994 (see BioCentury, Sept. 8, 1997). The growth factor
12:00 AM, Apr 09, 2001  |  BioCentury | Politics, Policy & Law

Fattening up NIH

researchers can't do the work of biotech companies. He cited IMCL's experience with the epidermal growth factor
12:00 AM, Apr 05, 1999  |  BioCentury | Politics, Policy & Law

Les penseurs

to public health reported that bST could cause a five-fold increase in levels of insulin-like growth factor