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12:00 AM, Oct 04, 2012  |  BC Innovations | Cover Story

Slipping past P glycoprotein

that sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor agonists such as Novartis AG 's Gilenya fingolimod could transiently reduce P glycoprotein
transient mode of action of these agonists could avoid the adverse effects seen with direct P glycoprotein
elucidating the underlying mechanism and evaluating the approach for improving drug delivery to brain tumors. P glycoprotein
12:00 AM, May 14, 2009  |  BC Innovations | Cover Story

Beating the brain's bouncer

function of the chief gatekeeper at the blood brain barrier-a multipurpose small molecule transporter called P-glycoprotein
roadmap for the rational design and screening of small molecules that could hop the barrier. P-glycoprotein
ABCB1 ; MDR; P-gp ) is a transmembrane protein found in the endothelial cells of …