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11:09 AM, Jan 18, 2017  |  BC Innovations | Distillery Techniques


TECHNOLOGY: Plasma markers Serum ANG2 levels could help predict responses to anti- CTLA4 or anti- PD-1 …
the anti-PD-1 mAb Keytruda pembrolizumab or the anti-PD-1 mAb Opdivo nivolumab, high pretreatment levels of ANG2
in serum were associated with low overall survival post-treatment. Also in the patients, post-treatment serum ANG2
12:00 AM, Jul 14, 2011  |  BC Innovations | Distillery Techniques

Technology: Drug platforms

they selectively interacted with each other. That method enabled the production of a modified anti-VEGF, anti-angiopoietin 2
ANG2; ANGPT2) bispecific antibody that had better efficacy than a control antibody in a mouse model …
12:00 AM, Jan 06, 2011  |  BC Innovations | Distillery Techniques

Technology: Drug platforms

bispecific CovX-Body dubbed CVX-241 had low nanomolar binding affinity for its two targets: VEGF and angiopoietin 2
ANG2; ANGPT2). In three tumor xenograft mouse models of cancer, CVX-241 decreased tumor growth compared with …
monospecific CovX-Bodies targeting only VEGF or ANG2. CVX-241 (PF-05057459) from Pfizer Inc.'s CovX Research LLC unit …