BioCentury Hot Topics

Obesity in Focus

With the first wave of GLP-1 therapies poised to become the biggest blockbusters in biopharma history, the focus turns to what's next in obesity, including combination therapies and new mechanisms to address an improved quality and duration of weight loss and co-morbidities

Surviving a Bear Market

After the longest bull run in biotech history, the sector is working its way through a prolonged downturn

Inflation Reduction Act

BioCentury's deep dive into the law, exploring its impacts, explaining how the choices the federal government is making in implementing it, and options for medical product developers as they navigate the new landscape

New Modalities

BioCentury documents the approval of new modality therapies in a complimentary chart suitable for printing and display, or incorporation into a presentation

Alzheimer’s in Focus

With skepticism in the Alzheimer’s medical community and CMS restricting coverage of amyloid mAbs after the approval of Aduhelm, the spotlight is now on the next crop of late-stage readouts and launches

Rare Diseases

From the origins of the orphan drug industry to recent initiatives to expand and accelerate drug development for rare diseases