Company Overview

Since 1993, BioCentury, Inc. has been internationally recognized as the leading provider of value-added information, analysis and data for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, investors, academia and government on the strategic issues essential to the formation, development and sustainability of life science ventures.

BioCentury employs a fully integrated multimedia platform — including publications, video, online data solutions and conferences — to provide its audience with authoritative and up-to-date intelligence about corporate strategy, partnering, emerging technology, clinical data, public policy and the financial markets.

BioCentury's Editorial and Research staff comprise industry-recognized business and science editors and writers. The Company's management team includes executives with backgrounds in international business, publishing, finance, and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

BioCentury is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., with offices in Washington, D.C.; Chicago; and London.

BioCentury Publications

BioCentury is the Company's flagship publication, serving a worldwide audience in the biopharma, investment and public policy communities. This audience values BioCentury's independence, fact-based reporting, strategic perspective and in-depth approach to industry-shaping events. The standards set by BioCentury have been carried over into each new publication and service added to the Company's multimedia platform.

BioCentury Extra is published every business day to be viewed on mobile devices or online, providing busy executives and investors with a concise report of key industry news events that are selected for importance by BioCentury's experienced editors.

BioCentury Innovations (formerly SciBX) identifies commercially promising translational science and assesses the next steps required to develop the technology. Every week, BioCentury's senior business and science editors analyze life science research published around the globe to provide the Innovations audience in R&D, business development, academia and the venture capital community with an early lead on fresh science with investment potential.

BioCentury Week in Review provides a weekly compendium of biopharma deals, clinical and regulatory events, and financial transactions.

BioCentury Data Solutions

BCIQ: BioCentury Online Intelligence provides continuously curated biopharma data, fully integrated with context-setting reports published by BioCentury over nearly two decades. BCIQ contains three relational databases — the Company Analyst, the Financial Analyst and the Pipeline Analyst — with specially designed management tools for generating custom reports, tables and graphs.

BioCentury Archives provides online access to a searchable library of more than 240,000 BioCentury articles, charts and tables — including all of BioCentury's analysis, strategy and commentary since 1993.

BioCentury Conferences

BioCentury is widely acknowledged in the life science corporate and investment communities for pioneering four annual conferences that provide turf-neutral venues for biopharma investors, pharmaceutical licensing professionals and corporate executives to conduct business. After nearly two decades on Wall Street, 17 years in Europe, and three years in China, these events are distinguished for the quality of their audiences and the support of global financial institutions and professional service collaborators.

Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry, held each spring, and NewsMakers in the Biotech Industry, held each fall, each attract hundreds of Wall Street investors and pharma licensing executives to see biopharma companies that have been independently reviewed and selected by BioCentury. The New York City conferences were launched in 1994.

Bio€quity Europe, launched in 2000, is dedicated to expanding the capital markets for European biotech. Co-organized with EBD Group and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), this spring conference has become Europe's top networking venue for life science investors, pharmaceutical licensing executives and investor-validated European biotech companies.

The BioCentury-BayHelix China Healthcare Summit gathers top thinkers from industry, academia and finance to identify who will lead China's biopharma innovation ecosystem, how innovation will be funded, and the business strategies required to transform both domestic and multinational biopharmas as China advances its innovation agenda.

BioCentury History

BioCentury, Inc. was founded in 1992 by David Flores, President & CEO, and Karen Bernstein, Ph.D., Chairman. Their goal was to create a "first-in-class" biotech-focused business journal that would provide independent, authoritative intelligence built on in-depth and accurate reporting. Their mission was — and remains — to identify and communicate the essential scientific, business, financial and public policy actions required to successfully bring progressive medical solutions to patients.

The first issue of BioCentury was launched in January 1993. The analysis-rich journal became the cornerstone of an enterprising media business that now touches decision makers and thought leaders in industry, government and the financial community around the world.