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Breast cancer

MicroRNA-105 (miR-105)

Mouse studies suggest inhibiting miR-105 could help prevent breast cancer metastasis. In a mouse xenograft model of human breast cancer, overexpression of miR-105 increased metastasis to the lung and brain compared with normal expression. In xenograft mice bearing a breast cancer cell line with high miR-105 expression, an anti-miR-105 compound restored the integrity of the vascular barrier and decreased metastasis compared with a control compound. Next steps could include developing a therapeutic strategy based on the selective blockade of miR-105 signaling.

SciBX 7(19); doi:10.1038/scibx.2014.553
Published online May 15, 2014

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Zhou, W. et al. Cancer Cell; published online April 14, 2014;
Contact: Shizhen Emily Wang, Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope, Duarte, Calif.