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Cover Story: Politics, Policy & Law: Targeting PREA

Advocates want Pediatric Research Equity Act to boost cancer treatments

By Steve Usdin, Washington Editor

Pediatric cancer advocates are renewing calls for modernizing the Pediatric Research Equity Act to make it more applicable to cancers that afflict children by changing the way cancers are defined.

For diseases that occur in both adults and children, PREA requires drug companies to study their products in children.

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Kids, Cancer and Congress


    Interrupting Ebola

    Although different companies are pursuing antibodies, vaccines or siRNAs to fight Ebola, many researchers believe it is not a race between them but a combination of approaches that will win the day.


    Canadian accelerant

    Two Canadian venture firms and a government-funded program have launched Canada's first national health science accelerator, Accel-Rx, to reignite local VC interest in funding early stage biotechs.


    ALK7's obese functions

    Researchers have shown that inhibiting ALK7 can increase energy expenditure in fat cells and suggest the protein could be a target for obesity. Acceleron Pharma has licensed the findings and is pursuing a discovery program for ALK7 antagonists.


    This Week in Therapeutics

    Disrupting AURKA's active conformation to treat MYCN-driven cancers; inhibiting ERdj3 to treat Gaucher's disease; using noninvasive electromagnetic stimulation to improve associative memory; and more...


    This Week in Techniques

    Activity-directed synthesis of bioactive scaffolds; CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing for latent viral infections; nanoparticles encoding the AEG1 promoter for prostate cancer imaging; and more...

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