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Seamless solution in AML

Why Cyclacel, FDA devised novel protocol for AML Phase III

By Emily Cukier-Meisner, Senior Writer

In an effort to overcome recruiting challenges for elderly patients with acute myelogenous leukemia, Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc. and FDA agreed on a SPA for a registrational Phase III study that incentivizes enrollment with an active comparator not approved for the indication in the U.S., coupled with an open-label design that encourages patients in the experimental arm to stay in the trial.

Sapacitabine is an analog of the nucleoside cytosine that induces apoptosis of cancer cells in two ways: interfering with DNA synthesis and repair by homologous recombination, and slowing transit through the cell cycle.

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    Fixing mitophagy in Parkinson's disease

    Genentech has pulled back the curtain on its efforts in Parkinson's disease and described a new and potentially disease-modifying target involved in the clearance of damaged mitochondria. The Roche unit now needs to determine whether the deubiquitinase -- USP30 -- is indeed druggable.


    Partnering in pediatrics

    Rare pediatric diseases are getting a boost from Alexion Pharmaceuticals, who recently announced a research collaboration with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.


    New route for old cancer agents

    Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Cellectar Biosciences have improved the safety of broad-spectrum cytotoxic drugs by engineering molecules that specifically target malignant cells. The key was exploiting differences in lipid architecture between the two types of cells.

  • Hedgehog joins the resistance

    Hedgehog-mediated degradation of chemotherapeutics is a key resistance mechanism in AML, according to findings from Canadian researchers. Their next step is clinical testing of a chemotherapy-hedgehog antagonist combination.


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    Stabilizing PLA2G5 or inhibiting PLA2G2E to treat obesity; using NOGO-A inhibitors and then physical therapy to improve motor recovery after stroke; antagonizing ABL1 to block neovascularization in retinopathy; and more...


    This Week in Techniques

    Predicting epidemic variants of mosquito-borne RNA viruses using an in vivo infection system; inducing broadly neutralizing antibodies with an influenza A virus hemagglutinin stem fragment; monitoring miR-1202 expression to predict antidepressant treatment response; and more...

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