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Taking a BET on hedgehog

By Kai-Jye Lou, Senior Writer

Taking a BET on hedgehog

Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have uncovered an interplay between BET bromodomain proteins and the hedgehog pathway that opens up additional oncology real estate for BET inhibitors.1 The inhibitors could be among the first molecules to work in hedgehog-driven cancers that no longer respond to smoothened inhibitors or other pathway modulators.

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    Fresh air for COPD

    An undisclosed company has picked up an integrin-targeting antibody from UCSF that could address the underlying pathology in COPD by improving airway remodeling via suppression of TGFB1.


    Translational tidbits

    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory builds a quantitative biology center; the U.K. Medical Research Council expands its repurposing program, a drug-interaction database for histone methyltransferases; a roundup of recent public-private partnerships.


    Taking a BET on hedgehog

    U.S. researchers show that BET bromodomain inhibition could open up a new therapeutic strategy for hedgehog-driven cancers that fail to respond to smoothened inhibitors.

  • Neo enough in glioma

    A peptide containing a mutation in IDH1 could join the race for a cancer vaccine for glioma. The next question is whether the vaccine can jump-start an immune response in patients.


    This Week in Therapeutics

    Inhibiting BET bromodomain proteins to promote remyelination in MS; inhibiting miR-130 and miR-301 to treat pulmonary hypertension; promoting vp30 phosphorylation to block Ebola virus infection; and more...


    This Week in Techniques

    A microfluidic chip for cultivation of diverse bacterial species; a noninvasive MRI signature for predicting epilepsy; tantalum oxide nanoparticles for X-ray imaging of articular cartilage; and more...

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