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Neoantigenics: Oocyte oversight

Neoantigenics is targeting oocyte-specific antigens to find, kill cancer cells

By Emily Cukier-Meisner, Senior Writer

Neoantigenics LLC is developing cancer diagnostics and therapeutics based on oocyte-specific proteins that are re-expressed in some cancers. The goal is to create therapies with lower potential to cause side effects, including infertility.

For premenopausal women, many types of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal treatments, can cause premature menopause or temporary or permanent infertility.

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Taxing Innovation


    Navigating the new road in psychiatry

    The lack of predictive animal models for neuropsychiatric diseases is arguably the biggest single factor stifling early drug development in the field. To kick-start discovery for diseases such as autism, schizophrenia and depression, stakeholders will need to abandon traditional models, build on emerging genetic findings and capitalize on new capabilities in stem cell technology, imaging and computational modeling.


    Translational tidbits

    Astellas and Cancer Research UK team up to tackle autophagy in pancreatic cancer; the NIH bets big on bioelectronic therapeutics; a roundup of public-private partnerships.


    Liver, supercooled

    Harvard Medical School scientists have reported a method that triples the time rat livers can be preserved for transplant and could thus increase the number of donor organs available for patients. Spinout Organ Solutions is licensing the technology, and the company and the medical school plan to submit to the FDA next year.


    This Week in Therapeutics

    Inhibiting MFGE8 to prevent tumorigenic events promoting prostate cancer; DECTIN1 CAR-expressing T cells to treat opportunistic fungal infections; antibodies that stabilize SNCA to protect neurons in PD; and moree...


    This Week in Techniques

    EnPlex, a high throughput flow cytometry platform to assess potency and selectivity of small molecule enzyme inhibitors; Platypus, a reference genome-free algorithm that rapidly calls variants in clinical sequencing data; a two-gene signature that distinguishes between psoriasis and eczema; and more...

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