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Viral crossroads

BioCentury is providing in-depth analysis of the sudden impact of social media on difficult medical and ethical decisions surrounding compassionate access to experimental medicines. See the story from a multitude of angles in our continuing coverage.

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Compassionate Access


    Contaminating cancer genomes

    Two European teams have pinpointed a DNA-protective enzyme as a chemically tractable target whose inhibition kills cancer cells by accelerating DNA damage. Both groups have identified small molecule inhibitors of the enzyme and are looking to partner with industry.


    Translational tidbits

    AstraZeneca had a busy March, announcing five new public-private partnerships and launching its Open Innovation website to list additional partnership opportunities.

  • Expanding into new (bromo)domains

    The Neomed Institute has begun development of its first cancer therapeutic, a BRD4 inhibitor from Epigenetix that the not-for-profit organization thinks could have a selectivity advantage over competing molecules.


    Unfolding triple-negative breast cancer

    A team from Weill Cornell Medical College has found a unifying feature of triple-negative breast cancers -- overactivation of the transcription factor X-box binding protein 1. Blocking expression of the target decreases tumor formation and relapse in mice, but more druggable targets upstream of it might be better suited for further development.


    This Week in Therapeutics

    Inhibiting IL-17A or IL-23 to alleviate periodontitis; antagonizing KCNA3 to treat asthma; activating CD31 signaling to counter autoimmune and inflammatory conditions; and more...


    This Week in Techniques

    Isoacyl dipeptides to increase insulin yield from chemical synthesis; binary nylon-3 copolymers containing cationic and hydrophobic subunits for antimicrobial activity; markers of distinct SHH-driven medulloblastomas; and more...

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Preclinical Results

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