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Colon cancer

CXC chemokine receptor 2 (CXCR2; IL8RB)

Mouse studies suggest antagonizing CXCR2 could help treat or prevent colitis-associated colon cancer. In a mouse model of colitis-associated colon cancer, Cxcr2 knockout mice had less chronic colon inflammation, infiltration of granulocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) into the colon and tumorigenesis than unaltered mice. In the Cxcr2-/- mice, adoptive transfer of MDSCs from wild-type mice restored the colitis-induced tumorigenesis. Next steps could include testing CXCR2 antagonists in the mouse model.
Dompe Farmaceutici S.p.A. has the CXCR2 antagonist reparixin in Phase III testing to treat graft rejection.
At least four other companies have CXCR2 antagonists in Phase II/III or earlier testing for various indications.

SciBX 7(1); doi:10.1038/scibx.2014.11
Published online Jan. 9, 2014

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Contact: Raymond N. DuBois, Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz.