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Nerve damage

Nerve growth factor (NGF); tumor necrosis factor receptor 1
(TNFRSF1A; TNFR1; CD120a);
tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF-a)

In vitro and mouse studies suggest activating membrane-tethered TNF-a could help promote nerve repair following injury. In cultured neurons, the known axon growth promoter NGF plus soluble TNFR1 or TNFR1-Fc increased axon growth and branching compared with NGF alone. In tissues from Tnf-/- or Tnfr1-/- mice, sympathetic innervation density was lower than that in tissues from wild-type mice. Next steps could include testing activation of TNF-a signaling in models for nerve injury.

SciBX 6(26); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.665
Published online July 11, 2013

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Kisiswa, L. et al. Nat. Neurosci.; published online June 9, 2013;
Contact: Alun M. Davies, Cardiff University, Cardiff, U.K.