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Brain cancer

Inhibitor of DNA binding 1 (ID1)

Patient sample, mouse and cell culture studies suggest inhibiting ID1 could help treat glioblastoma. In patient biopsy samples, increased ID1 expression correlated with increased tumor grade and invasiveness. In glioblastoma cell culture, small interfering RNA against ID1 decreased growth and invasiveness compared with control siRNA. In a mouse xenograft model of human glioblastoma, small hairpin RNA against ID1 decreased tumor invasiveness and increased survival compared with control shRNA. Next steps include evaluating ID1 inhibitors in additional mouse glioblastoma models and testing the molecules in combination with other glioblastoma therapeutics.

SciBX 6(2); doi:10.1038/scibx.2013.31
Published online Jan. 17, 2013

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Soroceanu, L. et al. Cancer Res.; published online Dec. 13, 2012;
Contact: Pierre-Yves Desprez, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, Calif.