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Infectious disease

Viral infection

Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP-1B; PTPN1)

Cell culture and feline studies suggest PTP-1B inhibitors could increase the efficacy of interferon (IFN) therapies against viral infections. In cultured cells infected with HCV or vesicular stomatitis virus, type 1 interferon (IFN1) plus the PTP-1B inhibitor 7-CBNP decreased viral replication compared with IFN1 alone. In cats with chronic infection of feline calicivirus, submucosal injection of 7-CBNP decreased inflammation compared with that seen prior to treatment. Next steps include using 7-CBNP or other PTP-1B inhibitors in nonmouse models of viral infection, including HIV-related feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).
TransTech Pharma Inc.'s PTP-1B inhibitor, TTP814, is in Phase II testing to treat diabetes.
Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s ISIS-PTP1bRx, a PTP-1B antisense oligonucleotide, is in Phase I testing to treat diabetes.
Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc.'s trodusquemine (MSI-1436), a small molecule PTP-1B inhibitor, is in Phase I testing for the same indication.

SciBX 5(46); doi:10.1038/scibx.2012.1210
Published online Nov. 29, 2012

Patented; available for licensing

Carbone, C.J. et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA; published online Nov. 5, 2012;
Contact: Serge Y. Fuchs, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.